Afirma Services

Afirma Health Solutions Inc. has been and continues to be instrumental in developing and providing breakthrough patient therapy management services, assuring patients timely access to prescribed therapies.

Through a comprehensive communications platform, Afirma delivers a balance of quality care and service flexibility. This technology allows Afirma to provide optimum healthcare support program solutions for patients, physicians and sponsoring pharmaceutical companies.

  • Patient care management including education and compliance programs
  • Local, regional, and national Afirma Patient Therapy Centre network
  • Tailored administrative services through portal access
  • Flexible plan designed by and for physicians and their patients
  • Portal access to real-time patient service status and data
  • Thorough insurance administration including co-pay assistance
  • Access to laboratory services and imaging
  • Home nurse assistance for non-ambulatory patients
  • Clinic nurse assistance for drug administration and compliance
  • Trained nurse educators providing patient therapy orientation
  • Specialty Pharmacists for drug dispensing and reimbursement triage
  • Patient select medication delivery to home or Afirma Patient Therapy Centres
  • Screening for patient therapy clearance
  • Health assessment coordination to assist physicians and patients